Covid 19- These Holidays are not Your Summer Vacations

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The world is facing a biggest problem of all time now a days that is Covid- 19, Corona Virus. I would not explain the whole virus because we all are already aware of what it is causing us all. We have been listening in the new channels, on social media that this is the time to stay home and stay safe. But are we seriously following the guidelines?

So, the answer is big no! Corona virus, being a contagious disease is harming the whole humanity, especially if you are the one who is travelling. Whether you talk about WHO; World Health Organization or UNICEF, every big organization is asking us to stay home so that we can contribute in stopping the virus to transmit. This is the time to stay unite by stay home. Its not because your health matters but because your loved once, society and the whole humanity matters.

Covid 19- is affecting the economy of the country, every small of big business is facing a huge lose now a days. Economy is slowing down that is already a big loss for the nation, all the organizations, companies are sacrificing already and suffering. In this condition if we have given an opportunity to stay home and work, so instead of taking it as an advantage we should take it as positive step towards saving the humanity. We are taking these holidays as our summer vacations, and this is not a time to be excited about the offs or work from home, but by doing it we are contributing our part in saving from the spread of this deadly virus that can ruin the human life. This contribution is needed right now, and we need to stay unite for it.

We are being a part of Travel industry would like to advice all the travel lovers to stay calm for some time and stay home, you can travel later when thing will be fine. As your health matters the most.

To all the people who are working from home and taking it as a holiday where they can travel and enjoy this time. So, this is not a wise choice you people will make. Already our economy is suffering so instead of making it suffer more, by creating the distress in the nation we should stay home and stay healthy and pray for the humanity to recover soon.

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