How to Sleep in Trap, when it’s Raining

What to do Inside when it's Raining Covering sheets are an incredible ultra light exploring asylum alternative, gave they're utilized in an atmosphere where there's no downpour or periodic downpour. To explain rectangular coverings with or without catenary cut edge lines and sides, and not single walled asylums like pyramids and their various variations. Coverings... Continue Reading →


Stay Clean in Your Trekking Days

How To Stay Clean in your Trekking Days Here are a couple of things of rigging and best practices to keep you sound and smell nonpartisan while trekking. Wash Your Hands with Soap Wash your hands with cleanser and water subsequent to taking a crap and before eating a supper. When pressing, get a couple... Continue Reading →

Things to Avoid While Cooking in Tent

Some Important Measures to Take While Cooking in the Tent Cooking in a camping tent or ultralight shelter can be quite hazardous, but sometimes you don’t have an option because lousy weather prevents you from cooking outside. What are the hazards you have to watch out for and how can you cook inside a tent... Continue Reading →

What Material is Best for Base Layer

What Material is Best for Base Layer Wool base layer of clothing are hotter than synthetic base layers, however synthetic base layers dry more rapidly than wool. What are the upsides and downsides of each and which would it be a good idea for you to purchase for trekking? The Role of a Base layer... Continue Reading →

Uttarakhand: Culture and Trekking Destinations

Uttarakhand: Culture and Trekking Destinations Uttarakhand the “Land of God” is the amalgamation of the spirituality and the eternal beauty, divided into two regions Gharwal, and Kumaou. The tradition of Uttarakhand is bonzer; beholding the beauty of Uttarakhand is not less than a boon for anyone. Blessedly nestled in the lap of Himalayas, offers the... Continue Reading →

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