Why to Choose Beas Kund Trek

Himachal Pradesh, the authentic beauty of our nation consists of admiring travel destinations, travelers would love to visit. One amongst these wonderful destinations is Beas Kund Trek. Beas Kund trek is nestled at an altitude of 12,772 Ft. in Himachal. This four days trek makes you experience the adventure, beauty, culture, and so much more.... Continue Reading →

Covid 19- These Holidays are not Your Summer Vacations

The world is facing a biggest problem of all time now a days that is Covid- 19, Corona Virus. I would not explain the whole virus because we all are already aware of what it is causing us all. We have been listening in the new channels, on social media that this is the time... Continue Reading →

Best Himalayan Treks in Summer

Summers are on the head now and when India will be suffering from the heat. Himalayas in the summer can be the best escape. We are fortunate enough to have 70% of the entire Himalayas right from Jammu and Kashmir to Assam in North East India and they offer great trekking option to everyone from... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Treks in India

India is blessed with the natural beauty in abundance; each corner of the country has something to unfold that can please any waderlusters eyes. Encompasses with the gigantic peaks from each corner, the diversity of the country offers the ultimate blend of beauty, and the dynamic ecosystem. World’s oldest range is nestled in India, Himalayan... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Treks of Uttarakhand Himalayas

Trekking in India gives all the fun and energy that a trekker searches in an outing. Trekking in India isn't just walking through adventurous landscapes or lofty mountains, it is more than that. So here we have top three Uttarakhand Himalayan treks that one should choose for more adventure, and thrill. Har ki Dun Trek... Continue Reading →

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